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Creating an own-able way-finding system to appeal to a broad visitor basis for a new cycle park & family centre, Kingdom

Sitting atop the highest point in Kent, Penshurst is already renowned for it’s exceptional MTB trail’s centre, PORC — previously hosting races at National levels. The centre looked to diversify adding a family friendly cycle centre to include a safe environment to learn to cycle, a road circuit to rival it’s MTB offering and a yoga retreat housed in the original clubhouse built into the trees. This is Kingdom.

Refining and redrawing the Kingdom logo to reflect its prominence within the cycling community and overlapping the centre’s new offerings. Creating an coherent and own-able style, this triangular approach was incorporated across the iconography and way-finding spanning from the brand values and facilities, to trail markers and signage.


Studio: We Like Today
Project involvement: Creative Direction, logo refinement, iconography suite, wayfinding systems