URDT — Ready for Shreddy MK II

Bold, confident and true to team roots, progressing the kit design for the second year was a reflection of the teams growth and notoriety.

One of the largest goals for URDT was to become an aspirational team, an early band of misfits looking to create something different to what was previously available. The team grew in numbers over its first official 2018 season starting with 5 riders and ending with 9. Now with a signal women, the goal was to build a team not only to support the male dominance of the sport, but to offer and attract further men and women to the team offering the same support and strength in numbers often lost in women’s racing.

The addition of dot camo found on the 2019 kit is a reflection of this growth in numbers, starting with a few, and organically growing in both reputation and numbers. The team started with 5 riders in late 2017, by the start of 2019 this had grown far surpassing our expectations a few years earlier to 21 riders, more impressively, the lone female rider would now have the support and camaraderie of another 7 women.

A new race season means the end of another, and in team tradition an end-of-season awards night and social was hosted. The perfect opportunity to celebrate team mates achievements over the year with awards (literally), to include:

Most Inspiring Rider
Best ‘Josh-cuse’ Award*
Greatest Win (note, may not actually have to of won a race for this)

*Often an unbelievable, but perfectly expected, over the top excuse used at some point during the year

In addition to awards and celebrations, it would be the perfect opportunity to introduce riders both new and old to one another, months before the racing would even start. This would the occasion to reveal the 2019 kit visuals for the first time as well as sample kit’s available to try for size. Show reels of races and race wins complied with a 2019 rider roster would be on a continuous loop introducing the teams new and bolstered line-up.




Updating the kit offering to reflect the many wants and needs of the new riders, it was no longer just a race kit / skinsuits, diversifying to include mesh jerseys for hot summer days, gilets for spring races and warm ups, bibs for everyday training and of course, all now available in both men’s and women’s specific cut and spec. This is something that was pushed hard for with our production partner’s, and ultimately led to choosing the 2019 production partner from feedback from both men and women on fit and feel.

Based on the surrounding colours of Brighton we wanted to increase the kit and rider visibility during races…

New kits and new colours, there’s an irony in having a bright and vibrant camouflage pattern. Based on the surrounding colours of Brighton we wanted to increase the kit and rider visibility during races without loosing or removing the origins of using camo, something to team has grown to be recognised for.





Still prevalent to the teams goals and ethos, the 2019 kit bucks the trend of clubs sticking with club colours year on year and continues to attract new riders and inspire onlookers with new teams popping up more frequently since URDT’s inception. Increased visibility for a continually expanding platform, I hope the new kit continues to support the team’s growing trajectory and reflect new goals and new aspirations for the year ahead.