URDT Kit MK I — Woodhouse photography

Doing things differently from the start.

Independent from cycling clubs, committee’s and free from any pre-expectations, designing the team kit provided the perfect opportunity to do something different and help distance the teams image from the norm. Setting the goal to be ‘…an aspirational team both in ethos and appearance’, the kit needed to reflect the do-it-yourself attitude whilst combining a professional finish.

With the team founded on providing a platform to develop previously unknown riders, camouflage seemed appropriate…

Keeping panel construction in mind, the skinsuit balances the technical fabrics with team camouflage, sponsor logos and team logos — each designed with the kit placement in mind. These logo placements prove highly visible when in the riding position to maximise the available space seen, both to other riders and spectators. Ironically even with the camo.

Matching suits were produced in mens and women’s specific cuts. Keen to grow and support the women’s race scene, this felt an important consideration to attract more women to the team. Everyone loves cool kit.




Photography: Ruby Woodhouse
2018 Kit Production Partner: Bioracer